Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lazy Hump Day

Today was a lazy, lazy hump day. Tomorrow is a national holiday here in France so today kind of felt like a Friday. But not one of those happy hour, celebratory Friday's but instead a "get me the hell home" Friday. After busting my butt at work, I pretty much sprinted home to sit here and spend hours on the computer. 
I did try some new Pilates videos, though. I always like trying out something new to keep my motivation going. Followed up my workout with a Tone It Up PBBP smoothie - peanut butter banana protein - that was super delish. The recipe is below :)
Hump Day Munchies - 
Breakfast: Kellogg's Extra Fiber All Bran 
Snack: hot cocoa
Lunch: leftover fajitas and beans with 1 tbsp cheese
Snack 2: blueberry muffin
Dinner: PBBP smoothie
*This is absolutely not recommended as dinner, nor should be a replacement for a meal. I was just sooo not hungry and I don't think you should ever force yourself. 

Okay, let's whip up some protein smoothies!
1/2 frozen banana (I freeze my banana's because I don't have ice, but you can add ice with a fresh banana)
1 scoop protein powder (I use Trader Joe's vanilla)
1 tbsp appx. Bob's Red Mill wheat germ
2 tbsp appx. peanut butter
a splash of milk and/or chocolate soy milk
Blend everything together and enjoy a filling post workout shake!

Workout - 
POP Pilates videos

- Teeny Bikini

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