Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bruised Up Fajita Time

 Friday night I had what the French call a "nuit blanc" aka an all-nighter and it was an absolute blast. The evening started off with a 50's costume party and ended with dancing all night and seeing sunrise at Montmartre. But in between all this goodness, I managed to hurt myself...or my friend managed to hurt me. While swing dancing the evening away, my friend took a little tumbled in her heels which found their way straight on my foot. To my horror, my foot suddenly started to bleed and swell up but there was no way I could start crying and limping around dressed like Sandra Dee at the end of Grease. Plus I didn't want to be a buzzkill for everyone with me. So...I kept dancing...and dancing...and dancing. I woke up Saturday morning afternoon with a seriously swollen foot and bruising everywhere. I could barely walk on it. This majorly killed my plans of going for a long jog that day. Or Sunday. Or Monday. Or today. I was on a roll last week, too! I was so proud of myself. And as they say, "a body in motion stays in motion. A body at rest stays at rest." That couldn't be more true for me this past weekend. Suddenly my janky foot has slowed my motivation. I did squeeze in some pilates and some foam roller ab exercises last night but man, it's just not the same. 
To make myself feel a little stronger on the motivation front, I've been perusing my favorite fitness blogs for healthy eating, since that's pretty much all the control I can have right now. Watching Tone It Up YouTube videos I found a video for fajitas...now, my boyf is Mexican and a seriously good cook, so we know good Mexican food in this house. Buttt, France apparently has a distaste for all things spicy so our ingredients aren't quite available. This fajita video did, however, inspire me to do a little modified, less spicy but still healthy version for dinner tonight. I was planning on taking a photo but ate it all up a bit too quickly! Enjoy!

Today's munchies - 
Breakfast: TIU protein pancakes - SERIOUSLY DELISH
Snack: two ricecakes
Snack 2: bread roll from the boulangerie 
Dinner: fajitas, .5 cup kidney beans, 1 corn tortilla
Snack 3: cherries

- Teeny Bikini

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