Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Teeny Bikini Bares All

Or so that's exactly how I feel. I cannot believe I'm actually posting pictures of myself - like this - online. For other people to see. Without sucking it in. Well...sometimes you've got to take the dive right? So, this is me. I don't have a scale so I'm not sure how much I weight right now, it's usually between 123-126 lbs. But the lovely ladies of Tone It Up say that weight doesn't matter, tone does. And I agree. So, I've taken my measurements and am going to continue to check in on my progress. 

Hips: 87cm
Waist: 74cm
Thighs: 50cm
Love handle mid-belly region (what else do you call that tire under your belly?!): 89cm
Upper arms: 25cm

And of course, my visual inspiration:
Tankini always told me and In-Betweeni that we really can have anything we want. We just have to want it bad enough. I'm finally ready to show myself what I've got.
- Teeny Bikini

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