Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May Madness: Operation Hot Bod

In-Betweeni got me to thinking, there has got to be a better way to handle our stress. Everyone has stress, big or small, and it's a killer. Literally. For my sis, it may be the never-ending saga that is our family and her upcoming prom, for me, it's being a host. And living in a country where communication is slim. Our family has always shared the exact same outlet for our stress: eating. Eating like crap. It's not a foreign coping mechanism, we know, but it's our black hole. So...this brings me to my point. I've been saying (for what feels like forever) that I want to get back on track. I'm going to put myself through a little test and I hope that In-Betweeni, Tankini and whoever else is inspired, will join along. I am going to begin OPERATION HOT BOD. A bit of a spin-off of the Tone It Up girl's Bikini Challenge, but it is customized to my needs. Through this I am hoping to find another vice for stress relief, confidence and, of course, my bikini body! 
I always say, "I'll start Monday" or "tomorrow is better, I already ate like crap today" but enough is enough. I'm starting today. Yes, I've already strayed a bit, and no, I didn't do the workout I planned, but today is the day I start holding myself truly accountable. Below you will see my general workout plan (mainly inspired from TIU and my athlete boyf) as well as some pics of where I'm at now to keep me motivated. Here we go!
Are you ready to join Operation Hot Bod?!

- Teeny Bikini

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