Sunday, May 1, 2011

I've been so bad...

Oh god, passed couple of weeks have been the hardest. The stress has been piling up and of course what do I result to? Eating, munching, snacking, and all of the above. But after last weekend where I stepped into my lovely dress for senior ball, I realized that with my eating habits (plus some faults from the pill) I didn't know if I could maintain my weight, epecially with my lack of self control lately. And I was scared that I wouldn't be able to fit in my dress. To branch off that thought I felt horrible, tired, lazy and disgusting, so I figured I probably should get on top of my game. So I put together this new plan of mine where I am eating much healthier, I've cut most carbs and sugar out of my diet, and I do some method of exercise everyday. It's only been my third day, but I'm feeling pretty good!

I've been practically living off of apples, salads, bell peppers with hummas and some chicken, and let me tell you, it's been rough. Things were going good, but I just need more variety. Issue is my dad won't buy different selection of healthy food and I have no means of transportation to the store, only making my whole plan a little more difficult to accomplish. Although, I have been pretty good about my self-control, but this has been the diet lately..

Basically every day this week it's been the same breakfast and lunch

Oatmeal w/either blackberries, strawberries or bananas
Bell peppers w/Hummus
Celery sticks w/ Peanut butter
Salad w/ a light dressing, cherry tomatos, and cucumbers

As for dinner it has been the same salad as I had for lunch, or some kind of chicken dish with a vegetable.

In the beginning of the week I started off doing the Kim Kardashian work out video as well as some others on On-Demand. The only thing about using the same work out video daily is their side chatting can get a tad bit annoying, so I've tried to switch it up with the different videos on tv. Sadly, I have been banned from going on my runs, as wells as going up to the gym. It's my dad's rules not mine, why he started them, who knows?


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  1. I totally feel you with the KK video, the side chitchat gets to be a bit what I do, now that I've got the gist of what's going on in the video, is mute the volume and put on my own jams. It totally helps!


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