Friday, May 20, 2011

You're Body Never Fails to Remind You

You always know when it's been a while since you've put your body into motion. Of course, you've probably had a mental reminder every now and again, "ooh, I really oughta workout soon..." but what never fails is your body. It tells you. And it tells you with serious soreness. This morning I went for a nice jog (thanks to some cancelled classes, I got to go to work late, aka find some time to workout that didn't involve me waking up at an insane hour) and my legs couldn't be killing me more. Every step I've taken since finishing my jog has been one of pure misery. But, hey. It's ok. It wouldn't hurt like this if I used my legs a bit more!

Friday Foodness - 
Breakfast: banana, strawberries
Lunch: picnic outside of the Louvre involved 1.5 glasses of white wine, salami and cheese sandwich, apple
Dinner: we're going to a restaurant called Chartier and I usually have a small grilled steak and haricot verts but we'll see!

Friday Fitness - 
35 minute jog 
- Teeny Bikini

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