Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chillin' Out Sunday

Things have been off to a decent start on Operation Hot Bod. I have been working out and eating pretty decent, though admittedly with room for improvement. Thursday kicked off with a good swim (16 laps, 8 breast, 8 freestyle) and then the Tone It Up slimming pyramid. Seriously, the TIU pyramid workouts are fantastic. It wasn't the tempo run or jump rope sesh I had planned, but moving is the point here. And I'm done with beating myself up over it. Thursday eating was pretty good, too. Oatmeal breakfast, as usual, salad for lunch, green beans and grilled fish for dinner. Friday was an AM meeting with the foam roller. If I haven't mentioned my relationship with my foam roller yet, let me break it down. It's a love-hate. No less, no more. Without it, I feel a constant pain (due to a lovely hereditary Scoliosis) and guilt because I know that each time I skip a day (and wear gorgeous shoes that give my heart joy and my back pain), I will regret it. But then, when I do say, yes, foam roller, I'm going to be good today and take you out for a spin (or roll, hehe) it returns the love with some serious pain action. I know, it's "good pain," you know, that pain that's actually not pain but your IT band yelling, "yo, why have you neglected me so long?!" but it still sucks.
Anyways. Friday was a serious foam rolling session followed by the TIU arm pyramid. Food could've been better though...oatmeal as normal, eggplant and chicken for lunch, lentils with quinoa for dinner. Anddd, a delicious strawberry vanilla mousse for dessert. But to be fair, the whole of the mousse was tops 3 oz. so I'm really not going to feel so guilty. Saturday....yesterday was supposed to be the day of the week. But life got hold and errands were a-callin'. Eating was great and finished off the day with a killer uphill 20 minute bike ride. Now, this bike ride was not my attempt at making up for the run. No, I must be honest. It was totally unplanned, but I'm glad it snuck in there. After visiting the boyf at work, I missed the last metro of the night. While everyone else was hailing cabs, I (or should I say my extremely frugal wallet) decided to haul it home via Velib, the bike rental system in Paris. Glad I did though, cause it kicked my ass. 
So here we are on Sunday...

Breakfast: 2 ricecakes with pb and honey
Lunch: chicken and broccoli stir fry over 3/4 cup steamed rice
Snack: 2 cups (I know) 0% fromage blanc with chocolate chips and strawberries
Dinner: I am in the middle of making some lentils with quinoa

I'm planning on a cardio workout video from Direct8...I'll report in later on how it goes :)

- Teeny Bikini

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