Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lady Time

Nothing is more of a buzz kill than lady time - you know, that time of the month. In our house, it's "lady time." It always seems that just when I'm getting going, auntie flow comes to visit and messes me up. This month she is not going to get the best of me! Okay, so I caved last night with a few glasses of wine and some teeny petit-fours (bite sized desserts), but that's not so out of the ordinary for me ;) Thanks to my boyf who kept nagging and nagging at me today to get up and just go for a quick jog, "Teeny Bikini, GET UP NOW and go for a jog!"  I'm glad I listened because it helped kick the cramps for a minute and definitely made me feel better. Katy Perry's Teenage Dream cd always helps, too ;)

Wednesday May 25:

Food -
Breakfast: yogurt cup, apple
Lunch: white bean and tuna salad (cannelli beans, half can tuna, red onions, cucumber, vinaigrette)
Afternoon Snack: two rice cakes with pb and honey, square of Trader Joe's chocolate
Dinner: ground beef patty and side of fries (I didn't eat them all though!)
Dessert: white wine, two bite sized pastries

Fitness - 
30 minute jog
5 minutes stair sprints
TIU Sandcastle workout
Thursday May 26:

Food - 
Breakfast: yogurt cup
Morning Snack: apple
Lunch: spinach ravioli and cheese sauce (ahhh, I couldn't help it! I was in a state of lady time distress!)
Afternoon/Pre-workout Snack: two rice cakes with pb and honey
Dinner: bowl of veggie soup

Fitness -
30 minute jog
TIU arm pyramid
160 ab reps on foam roller

- Teeny Bikini

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