Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How Much Is Too Much...

Yogurt? In my quest to maintain a healthier diet I have become a yogurt addict. I love love love some fromage blanc with fruit and dark chocolate chips (just a tablespoon, no more!) but I am starting to wondering if it's okay to eat sooo much yogurt. I pretty much eat yogurt twice or three times a day...I know it could be worse, I could be downing Cool Whip, but hey, I'm just trying to stay focused! Everything in moderation right?
Monday Monday:

Goodness Foodness - 
Breakfast: oatmeal with flaxseed
Lunch: lentils and quinoa (again!)
Afternoon Snack: cashews and apple
Dinner: filet of pollock (white fish), zucchini, steamed rice
Dessert: 1.5 cups (I know!) 0% fromage blanc with dark chocolate chips

For Real, Gotta Up the Fitness -
Not even gonna lie...

Tuesday Tuesday:

Food Sitch -
Breakfast: two rice cakes with peanut butter and honey
Morning Snack: tea and sparkling water
Lunch: lentils and quinoa (last day of leftovers!)
Afternoon Snack: cashews, hot cocoa
Dinner: pork chop and steamed rice
Dessert: two kiwis, square of chocolate with almonds

- Teeny Bikini

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