Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bruised Up Fajita Time

 Friday night I had what the French call a "nuit blanc" aka an all-nighter and it was an absolute blast. The evening started off with a 50's costume party and ended with dancing all night and seeing sunrise at Montmartre. But in between all this goodness, I managed to hurt myself...or my friend managed to hurt me. While swing dancing the evening away, my friend took a little tumbled in her heels which found their way straight on my foot. To my horror, my foot suddenly started to bleed and swell up but there was no way I could start crying and limping around dressed like Sandra Dee at the end of Grease. Plus I didn't want to be a buzzkill for everyone with me. So...I kept dancing...and dancing...and dancing. I woke up Saturday morning afternoon with a seriously swollen foot and bruising everywhere. I could barely walk on it. This majorly killed my plans of going for a long jog that day. Or Sunday. Or Monday. Or today. I was on a roll last week, too! I was so proud of myself. And as they say, "a body in motion stays in motion. A body at rest stays at rest." That couldn't be more true for me this past weekend. Suddenly my janky foot has slowed my motivation. I did squeeze in some pilates and some foam roller ab exercises last night but man, it's just not the same. 
To make myself feel a little stronger on the motivation front, I've been perusing my favorite fitness blogs for healthy eating, since that's pretty much all the control I can have right now. Watching Tone It Up YouTube videos I found a video for fajitas...now, my boyf is Mexican and a seriously good cook, so we know good Mexican food in this house. Buttt, France apparently has a distaste for all things spicy so our ingredients aren't quite available. This fajita video did, however, inspire me to do a little modified, less spicy but still healthy version for dinner tonight. I was planning on taking a photo but ate it all up a bit too quickly! Enjoy!

Today's munchies - 
Breakfast: TIU protein pancakes - SERIOUSLY DELISH
Snack: two ricecakes
Snack 2: bread roll from the boulangerie 
Dinner: fajitas, .5 cup kidney beans, 1 corn tortilla
Snack 3: cherries

- Teeny Bikini

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lady Time

Nothing is more of a buzz kill than lady time - you know, that time of the month. In our house, it's "lady time." It always seems that just when I'm getting going, auntie flow comes to visit and messes me up. This month she is not going to get the best of me! Okay, so I caved last night with a few glasses of wine and some teeny petit-fours (bite sized desserts), but that's not so out of the ordinary for me ;) Thanks to my boyf who kept nagging and nagging at me today to get up and just go for a quick jog, "Teeny Bikini, GET UP NOW and go for a jog!"  I'm glad I listened because it helped kick the cramps for a minute and definitely made me feel better. Katy Perry's Teenage Dream cd always helps, too ;)

Wednesday May 25:

Food -
Breakfast: yogurt cup, apple
Lunch: white bean and tuna salad (cannelli beans, half can tuna, red onions, cucumber, vinaigrette)
Afternoon Snack: two rice cakes with pb and honey, square of Trader Joe's chocolate
Dinner: ground beef patty and side of fries (I didn't eat them all though!)
Dessert: white wine, two bite sized pastries

Fitness - 
30 minute jog
5 minutes stair sprints
TIU Sandcastle workout
Thursday May 26:

Food - 
Breakfast: yogurt cup
Morning Snack: apple
Lunch: spinach ravioli and cheese sauce (ahhh, I couldn't help it! I was in a state of lady time distress!)
Afternoon/Pre-workout Snack: two rice cakes with pb and honey
Dinner: bowl of veggie soup

Fitness -
30 minute jog
TIU arm pyramid
160 ab reps on foam roller

- Teeny Bikini

Monday, May 23, 2011

Motivation Monday

A few things motivating me today: the sun, new tunes, Dailey Method and, of course, bikinis! I got another break today between work and went on a 30 minute run with the boyf. As a former track and cross country superstar, he is the perfect running buddy. He can push me in just the right way to get me going but also knows how to take it easy on a beginning runner like myself. Each time we head out together, he teaches me something new and gives me a new challenge to add to the dish. Today, we hit "some" stairs - he loves stairs, hills and all things I find ridiculously painful and difficult. But of course no amount of girlfriend complaining can get me out of it. In the end, I'm always thankful because these little challenges always make me feel more accomplished afterwards. The challenge today? Next to Sacre-Coeur there is a set of stairs that's about 235+ steps...the goal today was to do intervals up half of the staircase. My lungs literally said "hell no, we're done" 6 steps from finished. But it gave me a new goal to set my sights on. If I can get to the top of those stairs (skipping every other - aka "hard" interval the whole way) without stopping I will be extremely close, if not at, my ideal fit level. So, that said, that is the new goal. I've got to keep the tunes coming and get going! 
Other reasons for motivation? The sun was shining!!! It's gorgeous outside! After running, we decided to take a bike ride around Paris (1.5 hours!). We rode along the Seine and spotted tons of ladies and gents getting their tans on along the banks of the river. Tans always motivate me! Especially tans in cuttte bikinis ;) Lastly, I am so pumped for my new Dailey Method dvd. I've just ordered it and can't be more excited. Dailey Method (or DM) was my absolute favorite workout back in California. I was a religious DMer because it was the first thing I've ever done where I saw and felt results immediately. I couldn't be a bigger supporter. If you've not heard of it, DM is a mix of pilates, ballet barre and yoga that encourages core and spinal strength and health. One word of advice: CHECK. IT. OUT. They just came out with a dvd and since I'm all the way in Paris, I'm thrilled to get some DM back into my life!

Monday Munchies - 
Breakfast: yogurt
Morning Snack: two rice cakes with PB and honey
Lunch: salad with cannelli beans, tuna, red onions and cucumber and balsamic vinaigrette
Afternoon Snack: McDonald's salad no dressing
Dinner: tba

Monday Fitness - 
33 min. jog
leisurely bike ride

- Teeny Bikini

Friday, May 20, 2011

You're Body Never Fails to Remind You

You always know when it's been a while since you've put your body into motion. Of course, you've probably had a mental reminder every now and again, "ooh, I really oughta workout soon..." but what never fails is your body. It tells you. And it tells you with serious soreness. This morning I went for a nice jog (thanks to some cancelled classes, I got to go to work late, aka find some time to workout that didn't involve me waking up at an insane hour) and my legs couldn't be killing me more. Every step I've taken since finishing my jog has been one of pure misery. But, hey. It's ok. It wouldn't hurt like this if I used my legs a bit more!

Friday Foodness - 
Breakfast: banana, strawberries
Lunch: picnic outside of the Louvre involved 1.5 glasses of white wine, salami and cheese sandwich, apple
Dinner: we're going to a restaurant called Chartier and I usually have a small grilled steak and haricot verts but we'll see!

Friday Fitness - 
35 minute jog 
- Teeny Bikini

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How Much Is Too Much...

Yogurt? In my quest to maintain a healthier diet I have become a yogurt addict. I love love love some fromage blanc with fruit and dark chocolate chips (just a tablespoon, no more!) but I am starting to wondering if it's okay to eat sooo much yogurt. I pretty much eat yogurt twice or three times a day...I know it could be worse, I could be downing Cool Whip, but hey, I'm just trying to stay focused! Everything in moderation right?
Monday Monday:

Goodness Foodness - 
Breakfast: oatmeal with flaxseed
Lunch: lentils and quinoa (again!)
Afternoon Snack: cashews and apple
Dinner: filet of pollock (white fish), zucchini, steamed rice
Dessert: 1.5 cups (I know!) 0% fromage blanc with dark chocolate chips

For Real, Gotta Up the Fitness -
Not even gonna lie...

Tuesday Tuesday:

Food Sitch -
Breakfast: two rice cakes with peanut butter and honey
Morning Snack: tea and sparkling water
Lunch: lentils and quinoa (last day of leftovers!)
Afternoon Snack: cashews, hot cocoa
Dinner: pork chop and steamed rice
Dessert: two kiwis, square of chocolate with almonds

- Teeny Bikini

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chillin' Out Sunday

Things have been off to a decent start on Operation Hot Bod. I have been working out and eating pretty decent, though admittedly with room for improvement. Thursday kicked off with a good swim (16 laps, 8 breast, 8 freestyle) and then the Tone It Up slimming pyramid. Seriously, the TIU pyramid workouts are fantastic. It wasn't the tempo run or jump rope sesh I had planned, but moving is the point here. And I'm done with beating myself up over it. Thursday eating was pretty good, too. Oatmeal breakfast, as usual, salad for lunch, green beans and grilled fish for dinner. Friday was an AM meeting with the foam roller. If I haven't mentioned my relationship with my foam roller yet, let me break it down. It's a love-hate. No less, no more. Without it, I feel a constant pain (due to a lovely hereditary Scoliosis) and guilt because I know that each time I skip a day (and wear gorgeous shoes that give my heart joy and my back pain), I will regret it. But then, when I do say, yes, foam roller, I'm going to be good today and take you out for a spin (or roll, hehe) it returns the love with some serious pain action. I know, it's "good pain," you know, that pain that's actually not pain but your IT band yelling, "yo, why have you neglected me so long?!" but it still sucks.
Anyways. Friday was a serious foam rolling session followed by the TIU arm pyramid. Food could've been better though...oatmeal as normal, eggplant and chicken for lunch, lentils with quinoa for dinner. Anddd, a delicious strawberry vanilla mousse for dessert. But to be fair, the whole of the mousse was tops 3 oz. so I'm really not going to feel so guilty. Saturday....yesterday was supposed to be the day of the week. But life got hold and errands were a-callin'. Eating was great and finished off the day with a killer uphill 20 minute bike ride. Now, this bike ride was not my attempt at making up for the run. No, I must be honest. It was totally unplanned, but I'm glad it snuck in there. After visiting the boyf at work, I missed the last metro of the night. While everyone else was hailing cabs, I (or should I say my extremely frugal wallet) decided to haul it home via Velib, the bike rental system in Paris. Glad I did though, cause it kicked my ass. 
So here we are on Sunday...

Breakfast: 2 ricecakes with pb and honey
Lunch: chicken and broccoli stir fry over 3/4 cup steamed rice
Snack: 2 cups (I know) 0% fromage blanc with chocolate chips and strawberries
Dinner: I am in the middle of making some lentils with quinoa

I'm planning on a cardio workout video from Direct8...I'll report in later on how it goes :)

- Teeny Bikini

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Teeny Bikini Bares All

Or so that's exactly how I feel. I cannot believe I'm actually posting pictures of myself - like this - online. For other people to see. Without sucking it in. Well...sometimes you've got to take the dive right? So, this is me. I don't have a scale so I'm not sure how much I weight right now, it's usually between 123-126 lbs. But the lovely ladies of Tone It Up say that weight doesn't matter, tone does. And I agree. So, I've taken my measurements and am going to continue to check in on my progress. 

Hips: 87cm
Waist: 74cm
Thighs: 50cm
Love handle mid-belly region (what else do you call that tire under your belly?!): 89cm
Upper arms: 25cm

And of course, my visual inspiration:
Tankini always told me and In-Betweeni that we really can have anything we want. We just have to want it bad enough. I'm finally ready to show myself what I've got.
- Teeny Bikini

May Madness: Operation Hot Bod

In-Betweeni got me to thinking, there has got to be a better way to handle our stress. Everyone has stress, big or small, and it's a killer. Literally. For my sis, it may be the never-ending saga that is our family and her upcoming prom, for me, it's being a host. And living in a country where communication is slim. Our family has always shared the exact same outlet for our stress: eating. Eating like crap. It's not a foreign coping mechanism, we know, but it's our black hole. So...this brings me to my point. I've been saying (for what feels like forever) that I want to get back on track. I'm going to put myself through a little test and I hope that In-Betweeni, Tankini and whoever else is inspired, will join along. I am going to begin OPERATION HOT BOD. A bit of a spin-off of the Tone It Up girl's Bikini Challenge, but it is customized to my needs. Through this I am hoping to find another vice for stress relief, confidence and, of course, my bikini body! 
I always say, "I'll start Monday" or "tomorrow is better, I already ate like crap today" but enough is enough. I'm starting today. Yes, I've already strayed a bit, and no, I didn't do the workout I planned, but today is the day I start holding myself truly accountable. Below you will see my general workout plan (mainly inspired from TIU and my athlete boyf) as well as some pics of where I'm at now to keep me motivated. Here we go!
Are you ready to join Operation Hot Bod?!

- Teeny Bikini

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I've been so bad...

Oh god, passed couple of weeks have been the hardest. The stress has been piling up and of course what do I result to? Eating, munching, snacking, and all of the above. But after last weekend where I stepped into my lovely dress for senior ball, I realized that with my eating habits (plus some faults from the pill) I didn't know if I could maintain my weight, epecially with my lack of self control lately. And I was scared that I wouldn't be able to fit in my dress. To branch off that thought I felt horrible, tired, lazy and disgusting, so I figured I probably should get on top of my game. So I put together this new plan of mine where I am eating much healthier, I've cut most carbs and sugar out of my diet, and I do some method of exercise everyday. It's only been my third day, but I'm feeling pretty good!

I've been practically living off of apples, salads, bell peppers with hummas and some chicken, and let me tell you, it's been rough. Things were going good, but I just need more variety. Issue is my dad won't buy different selection of healthy food and I have no means of transportation to the store, only making my whole plan a little more difficult to accomplish. Although, I have been pretty good about my self-control, but this has been the diet lately..

Basically every day this week it's been the same breakfast and lunch

Oatmeal w/either blackberries, strawberries or bananas
Bell peppers w/Hummus
Celery sticks w/ Peanut butter
Salad w/ a light dressing, cherry tomatos, and cucumbers

As for dinner it has been the same salad as I had for lunch, or some kind of chicken dish with a vegetable.

In the beginning of the week I started off doing the Kim Kardashian work out video as well as some others on On-Demand. The only thing about using the same work out video daily is their side chatting can get a tad bit annoying, so I've tried to switch it up with the different videos on tv. Sadly, I have been banned from going on my runs, as wells as going up to the gym. It's my dad's rules not mine, why he started them, who knows?