Monday, May 23, 2011

Motivation Monday

A few things motivating me today: the sun, new tunes, Dailey Method and, of course, bikinis! I got another break today between work and went on a 30 minute run with the boyf. As a former track and cross country superstar, he is the perfect running buddy. He can push me in just the right way to get me going but also knows how to take it easy on a beginning runner like myself. Each time we head out together, he teaches me something new and gives me a new challenge to add to the dish. Today, we hit "some" stairs - he loves stairs, hills and all things I find ridiculously painful and difficult. But of course no amount of girlfriend complaining can get me out of it. In the end, I'm always thankful because these little challenges always make me feel more accomplished afterwards. The challenge today? Next to Sacre-Coeur there is a set of stairs that's about 235+ steps...the goal today was to do intervals up half of the staircase. My lungs literally said "hell no, we're done" 6 steps from finished. But it gave me a new goal to set my sights on. If I can get to the top of those stairs (skipping every other - aka "hard" interval the whole way) without stopping I will be extremely close, if not at, my ideal fit level. So, that said, that is the new goal. I've got to keep the tunes coming and get going! 
Other reasons for motivation? The sun was shining!!! It's gorgeous outside! After running, we decided to take a bike ride around Paris (1.5 hours!). We rode along the Seine and spotted tons of ladies and gents getting their tans on along the banks of the river. Tans always motivate me! Especially tans in cuttte bikinis ;) Lastly, I am so pumped for my new Dailey Method dvd. I've just ordered it and can't be more excited. Dailey Method (or DM) was my absolute favorite workout back in California. I was a religious DMer because it was the first thing I've ever done where I saw and felt results immediately. I couldn't be a bigger supporter. If you've not heard of it, DM is a mix of pilates, ballet barre and yoga that encourages core and spinal strength and health. One word of advice: CHECK. IT. OUT. They just came out with a dvd and since I'm all the way in Paris, I'm thrilled to get some DM back into my life!

Monday Munchies - 
Breakfast: yogurt
Morning Snack: two rice cakes with PB and honey
Lunch: salad with cannelli beans, tuna, red onions and cucumber and balsamic vinaigrette
Afternoon Snack: McDonald's salad no dressing
Dinner: tba

Monday Fitness - 
33 min. jog
leisurely bike ride

- Teeny Bikini

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