Friday, April 15, 2011

Hello There Gorgeous

Is it possible, really, to have total self-control? You're thinking, but of course. I'm thinking, no. I think its actually impossible. Yesterday I gave in whole-heartedly and indulged while whole-heartedly full of guilt. I started off the day quite well, but as I got left alone to play tour guide, my passion for the (edible) delights of Paris took over. How could I not share them with our guests? We strolled through the 7th arrondissement, past Musée D'Orsay and through the winding streets of the Latin Quarter and Saint-Michel and landed, by absolute chance of course, at the best Greek gyro shop in all of Paris. Was I supposed to walk by without encouraging them to taste the staple meal of so many Sorbonne students? No way. I stayed remotely good, just picking at a few french fries while everyone else dug straight in to heaping sandwiches of greasy goodness. I stayed strong. Then we meandered over to the Tuileries - the massive gardens in front of the Louvre - and settled comfortably on a bench with a bottle of white wine and comté cheese. I could have been stronger. I didn't need quite so many pieces of cheese or that 3rd glass of wine...but it was so Parisian of me. Next stop: patisserie. Seriously, though? To deprive my guest of the perfect held within a French pastry is actually criminal. They're gorgeous. And you can never buy just one. That's just wrong. 

Tuesday's exhibition of anti-self control:
Breakfast - oatmeal with Trader Joe's vanilla protein powder, Red Mill flaxseed, 1/4 tbsp raw sugar, banana
Morning Snack - Tone It Up protein bar
Lunch - homemade asian salad (recipe below) and handful of french fries
Afternoon Snack - 3 glasses of white wine and a handful of compté
Dinner - 2 glasses of red wine (France is making me look like a drunk), eggplant ratatouille from Tankini, eggplant pesto parmesan, green salad, hand-sized piece of baguette, 3 slices of Tomme de Savoie cheese, 1/2 millefeuille (traditional pastry) and 1/2 strawberry tart.
Post Dinner Snack - 1 glass of white wine at O Chateau 


Does walking for hours around Paris count?

- Teeny Bikini

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