Monday, April 18, 2011

Its Been Rough

It seems that I each morning I start off strong, have a good breakfast, proper snack...but somehow (once I meet up with family, of course) all my hard efforts go into the bin. Yesterday for example, I started off with some foam roller exercises - if you don't own one, you are seriously missing out - and topped it off with a delish bowl of oatmeal. Lunch was easy - I met with my (and In-Betweeni's) aunt for lunch. She is following the Dukan diet and has succeeded tremendously. Though I'm not a huge dieting fan (I know you can tell), eating with my aunt keeps me safely away from the junk food! I munched on a fantastic Thai chicken salad and yogurt with raspberries. But cream, authentic Italian pizza, wine...I fell into the blackhole of no return!

I started thinking this morning, we started Bonding Over Bikinis as a means to help each other stay motivated and be held accountable toward reaching our goals and I am doing far from that. How is my relentless, undeserved indulgence helping motivate my family? I need to start making a change. Pronto. I did so good for quite some time but with work and school and now visitors, everything I had accomplished has fallen by the wayside. Eating right is in fact not the hardest part of this adventure for me. I can whip up some delish and healthy goodies in no time, it's finding the time to work out - just like everyone else, right? But if I'm going to help my sis get prepared for her bikini, or shall I say prom, body, I better get my act together! Cause she's kickin' my butt right now!

So....the new plan? It's difficult now to start strong as my time is so thinly divided, but I am going to try my absolute best. A rockin', confident bikini body is a girl's dream!

- Teeny Bikini

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